Prenatal Yoga is a great way for moms-to-be to stay physically healthy and emotionally grounded during pregnancy.  It addresses challenges inherent to pregnancy and childbirth while nourishing the spirit to set the stage for confident parenting.  Teaching yoga for pregnant women is a wonderfully fulfilling way to help women experience a more comfortable pregnancy and prepare for the demands of birth and beyond.


This comprehensive teacher training will provide you with a rich framework and effective tools to:


  • EXPAND your teaching and learn the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.
  • GAIN an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy.
  • LEARN sequencing and the essential components of a prenatal yoga class.
  • UNDERSTAND the energetics of pregnancy and how to use energetic yoga practices during and after pregnancy.
  • ADDRESS the common discomforts of pregnancy with specific yoga postures, breathing, and sequences.
  • ADAPT and modify group classes to accommodate pregnant women.
  • HELP women prepare for birth, physically, emotionally, and energetically.
  • FACILITATE a woman’s capacity to access her own inner wisdom and strength and empower her birthing experience.

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of this 20-hour training and successful completion of the take home exam. This training qualifies as continuing education if you are registered through Yoga Alliance.

August 4, 11am-6pm

August 5, 9am-6pm

Rescue Yoga, Carrollton, TX

$195 (before June 30)

$225 (after June 30)


Advanced Yoga Studies 300 hour program


Prana is the force of life, the energy that underlies all activity – physical, mental, spiritual, and cosmic. The science of Prana (Prana Vidya) is the knowledge of awakening the fullest potential of yoga and life. These teachings and techniques detailed in ancient scriptures, such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Tantras and many other key texts, empower us at every level.  They show us how to change the quality of the Pranic body to affect everything from health, to state of mind, to a deepening of spiritual awareness.

Topics covered include:

  • The Kosha Model
  • The Pathways of Prana
  • The Three Qualities of Energy
  • Prana Vayus
  • Kundalini and the Awakening of the Chakras
  • Energetics of Asana
  • Energetics of Pranayama
  • Diagnosing and Treating Pranic Disorders
  • Prana and the Mind

Students are required to complete a home practice, case study, and assigned homework.

Required reading: Path of Fire and Light, Volume 1 by Swami Rama, Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, and Yoga & Ayurveda by Dr. David Frawley

September 29-30, 2018 and

October 27-28



All classes take place at Rescue Yoga in Carrollton.