In Depth Studies/RYT 200

"Thank you so much for everything you've done over the past 7 months.  The program was wonderful and I learned so much from you.  Your passion is so inspiring.  I cannot repay you enough for all the effort and love that goes into your program.  Thank you!" -Courtney, Dallas

"I signed up for your training mainly because I wanted to become a better teacher which I’m going to leave it up to the people who come to my classes to be the judges of that although from the reactions and questions that I get, I dare to say that they get way more from the class now than ever before and it seems like they are more eager to learn about Yoga which makes me happy beyond words and I have to thank you on their behalf too. One of the main factors for me to sign up was the time schedule, having a job I could not commit to a 2-week intensive training and I can’t even express how grateful I am that you accepted me into your training. As I said I wanted to learn more so that I can teach more, easy as that, right? Wrong! Little did I know that this will be more about learning who I truly am, you would think that after 32 years I would have a clue :o) but this 8-month adventure was a journey into my heart; total life transformation.  I found happiness within me, some old wounds are healed, some are in the process of healing and I am o.k. with whatever time it takes for them to get there because they no longer have power over me. I know just because the training is over, it doesn’t mean that the journey is. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, compassion, experience, patience and your time with us, Shanon! You are a wonderful yoga teacher and an inspiring human being." - Kat, Richardson, TX

"Through this program, I’ve learned so much about self.  I’ve learned how to listen to my inner self and how to speak the truth when needed.  I’ve also learned not to let obstacles stop me.  I’ve learned through these obstacles that you must find in yourself the truth of what you want and go for it.  No matter how small or larger the risk may be! I feel that Shanon can help you find the tools that are needed in your journey with yoga and it’s your choice to use them.  Why not empower yourself with an amazing teacher?"- Michelle, Lewisville

"Thank you Shanon for your teaching of what is required to obtain my 200 hour certification and to satisfy my personal knowledge of yoga.  I feel you are a true dedicated teacher and you are passionate about the knowledge you share with your students.  I have learned so much, from the study of anatomy to the history and philosophy of yoga.  You have helped me become a better and more aware teacher, and I would like to express how grateful I am.  It has been my pleasure attending your training classes and getting to know you." - Pam, Fort Worth 

"One of the most distinguishing aspects of this program is Shanon’s natural teaching style combined with her vast knowledge of yoga.  Class materials are rich in content with substantial emphasis on demonstrating, observing and assisting,uncovering all students’ true potential.  This intensive program has enabled me to integrate complex principals and techniques with clarity to my own students.  Completing Shanon’s in-depth studies has not only strengthened my personal yoga practice but I found a unique opportunity  to transform my life.  Spiritually I have discovered the essence of my being.  I am consciously tuned in, no longer allowing external forces to enter my bliss.  I am more sensitive, more passionate, more compassionate, and emotionally and physically empowered.  My sixth chakra no longer playfully winking but fully open wide.

Shanon, my kind-hearted friend, my master instructor, you are a blessing to me, to yoga and to the yoga community." - Arleen, Fort Worth

"When I first signed up for Shanon Buffington’s In-Depth studies program, she warned that the experience would prove to be transformative….and she was absolutely correct – I  can honestly say that I am not the same person that I was when I started.  Not only have I gained a wealth of detailed knowledge on asana, class sequencing, pranayama, mediation, and mantra (and more!), but also I have an entirely new (positive) outlook in life.  Shanon’s organized teachings allow you to really dive deep and explore all parts of yourself.  I am a calmer, happier, more productive person after the training.  My personal practice has soared to new heights, I have a class full of new yogi friends/support system and for the first time in my years of practice, I truly feel as if I know what yoga is. I am now a part of centuries-old tradition, and yoga is an integral part of my life – not just something I do “on the side.”  I did not intend on becoming a yoga instructor when I started the training, but, at the end, I feel compelled to share the authentic yoga knowledge Shanon has shared with me.  She is patient, she is kind, she is knowledgeable, and she is committed – any yogi that finds themselves in Shanon’s In-Depth studies program finds themselves blessed." - Amy, Carrollton